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Yes, It’s Okay To Be Boujee In Bozeman

Posted by RSVP Hotel BZN on 19 June 18, 8:45 am

Boujee in Bozeman

What do you think of when Montana comes to mind? Is it cowboy hats and cold weather? Well, you would only be somewhat correct. Over the past few years, Bozeman has really taken off. With new businesses constantly popping up, increased tourism, increased relocation and the University, you might find the Bozeman demographic to be a dash more diverse than just plaid button-ups and tight Wranglers.

No need to purchase a new wardrobe before visiting—your personal style is always welcomed and appreciated because yes, it’s okay to be boujee in Bozeman.

There are plenty of opportunities to work it for a night on the town. Bozeman nightlife is enjoyed by all ages and there is a spot for everyone. In the mood for an upscale atmosphere and a nice glass of wine? Plonk is the place for you! This downtown venue has everything you need for a boujee night on the town. Intimate seating areas, coupled with candlelight, delicious food and mouthwatering cocktails will pair nicely with that little black dress you have been dying to bust out of your suitcase. Afterward, more cocktails and dance floors are just a short walk away! Find similar atmospheres and fine dining at venues like Urban KitchenOpen RangeBisl, and Squire House.

Make sure you save enough time to treat yourself at our upscale boutiques around town. While rural Montana doesn’t do us any favors in the fashion department, we aren’t completely sheltered from the latest trends of major markets. Get a sexy and chic look while shopping downtown at the Meridian or EVRGREEN Clothing. Find upscale bohemian treasures at The Root or Cosmica World Boutique. Shopping for something special and fashion-forward for your man? Look no further than REVOLVR Menswear. With brands like Obey and Filson, your guy will be stylin’ and profilin’.

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Make sure and stop by a local coffee shop before you head out on any excursion. You can’t be boujee in Bozeman without an espresso in one hand and a handmade croissant in the other. There are plenty of cute little stops for a good cup of coffee and baked goods. Try hot spots like The Farmers Daughters or Rockford Coffee to get your caffeine fix before a long day of shopping and exploring.

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