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What To Pack If You Are Visiting Bozeman This Spring

Posted by RSVP Hotel BZN on 11 April 19, 8:00 am

Spring in Montana can be super rewarding if you come prepared. You have the benefit of beautiful snow-capped mountains, the potential for warm weather in the lowlands and a winter wonderland up high, and of course—fewer crowds for a more local experience. The only problem is figuring out what to wear! That’s what we’re here to help with.

What to Expect from the Weather

If you expect everything, you won’t be disappointed. It could be sunny and t-shirt weather, sleeting, hailing and snowing all in one day. It’s best to embrace the unexpected and come prepared, and that way you won’t waste any time lamenting reality. You can trust us; the weather’s highs are more than worth the lows! Here’s what you should toss in your bag when you plan a spring trip to the BZN.


…for a Day in Town

On a downtown shopping spree with some time spent bopping through fine arts galleries paired with tasting your way through cafes, bakeries and fine dining right in town, it wouldn’t be amiss to toss in a chic outfit or two. We recommend booties that let your feet breathe when the temps rise or can help you sidestep snow piles and mud puddles if that’s the way the weather’s swinging. You’ll feel right at home in anything stylishly understated, with plenty of layers to keep you the perfect temperature as the weather takes its mood swings.


…for a Night Out

When it comes time for a night out on the town, you could go a couple different directions in the packing department. How about your fave designer LBD for wine and charcuterie in a low-lit atmosphere? Or bring some cowboy boots and a hat to match, and catch some line dancing. Some combination of the two is a sweet spot for just about any bar in town, where you’ll find a laid-back vibe that invites luxurious cashmere or Pendleton plaid under a chic jacket to keep out the spring chill while you bar hop.


…for Wilderness Adventures

Montana makes for an adventurer’s paradise, with pristine wilderness right in Bozeman’s backyard. You don’t have to be Bear Grylls to get out there, but in springtime you’ll definitely want to head out ready for anything. Sturdy hiking shoes, a waterproof outer layer, non-cotton clothes and bear spray are all your friends; best brought along in your pack along with the ten essentials. Always be sure to check the weather before an outdoor adventure, especially in spring, and scope out the weather radar to get a big-picture view. That way you know if you’re going to need a poncho and extra socks over shorts, or a beanie and insulated gloves.


…for beach babe vibes, regardless of the weather

That’s right, your bangin’ bikini bod can find its day in the sun, regardless of silly things like Montana’s idea of seasons. The hot-springs culture in our neck of the woods is real, and that means that no matter what the weather is doing, you can still work it poolside. Bozeman Hot Springs and Norris Hot Springs both offer live music on a regular basis, so feel free to pack a backup or two in order to really make an outing of it. Swap your string bikini for a chic one-piece and head over to Chico or Yellowstone Hot Springs.


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