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The Steamiest Hot Springs Around Bozeman

Posted by RSVP Hotel BZN on 7 February 19, 7:30 am

Don’t be afraid to steam things up in here when you go for a dip at one of these natural hot springs around Southwest Montana. The reported benefits of mineral waters like these are unparalleled, but nothing beats the chance to hang out poolside even in the dead of winter. Bozeman boasts easy access to some of the best, so you don’t have to pick just one suit to pack. Bust out the bikinis, and get soaking!


Norris Hot Springs, Norris

Just a quick jaunt out of town (through scenic countryside, no less) will take you out to rustic Norris Hot Springs, which has offered up an opportunity to soak in its natural pools for over a century. You’ll like the ways that it’s made it into the modern age, including a killer menu of microbrews and locally sourced treats. Plus you’ll love live music on weekends, year round.

Après: When you head back to town, a drink at MAP Brewing is the perfect way to end a day spent at Norris.


Bozeman Hot Springs, Bozeman

You don’t need to go far to get to Bozeman Hot Springs, making it the perfect stop for an après ski (or hike) soak to soothe tired muscles. The recently revamped facility gives you the opportunity to burn it out in the gym before you hit the sauna, and then soak it out in indoor and outdoor pools designed for chill conversation and a quiet good time.

Après: Head downtown to wine and dine your way around Bozeman! You have plenty time after soaking so close.


Broadwater Hot Springs, Helena

Helena makes a great day trip to experience a different side of the state. Enjoy strolling historic streets in the capitol, and then nibble your way around town to taste some of the best local offerings. And then it’s time to take advantage of the steaming pools at Broadwater Hot Springs, where you can kick back for the ultimate relaxation. Plus, place your drink orders poolside to really get into it!

Après: Kick off the evening after your day trip with some classic fare from Blacksmith Italian.


Boiling River, Yellowstone

This is as rustic as it gets. Cap off a day trip to Yellowstone with a short hike, a quick charge through the icy river, and a long soak where the Boiling River Hot Spring meets the Gardiner River, creating pockets of water that are the perfect soaking temperature. This is an experience to top them all, with no frills in a rustic environment. Just make sure that you obey all posted signs and closures to keep this choice site safe for everyone.

Après: Make it back to Bozeman for an adventurer’s craft cocktail from Bozeman Spirits!


Chico Hot Springs, Pray

Nothing says luxury like a soak at Chico Hot Springs. Open-air natural springs are steeped in history and filled with minerals reported to bring you plenty of health benefits. At the very least, you can’t beat the health impact of hot water on a tired body. The poolside grill onsite means you don’t need to venture far to stay fueled up all day for more relaxing time.

Après: This is a wine kind of night, and PLONK sees that and raises you gourmet bites to go along with it.


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