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The Fab Young Family’s Guide To Bozeman

Posted by RSVP Hotel BZN on 19 March 19, 8:00 am

Cool families with little ones along, rejoice! Bozeman is the place for you, even with the whole fam in tow. You’ll find kid-friendly craft breweries, restaurants with wide-reaching menus that accommodate gourmand palates and pickier ones too, and plenty of activities and shopping for all. Young families should feel right at home in this hotspot of hip. Here’s everything you need to know to have the best time ever in Bozeman as a family.


Rawr At Museum Of The Rockies

It’s okay to be too cool for school. At Museum of the Rockies, you’ll get even MOR in-depth in history than you did in any class, and the kiddos love the dino exhibits. Plus, Taylor Planetarium’s 3D presentations that take you to a galaxy far, far away are sure to enthrall the whole family.


Park It At The Park

The greatest thing about Montana in general and Bozeman in particular is that local parks are neighborhood and national all at once. Bozeman gives you easy access to the wilds of Yellowstone and city parks galore, with plenty of wilderness in between. Any age can get excited about the vivid geothermal features in the nation’s first national park, and you’ll feel the same sense of wonder the kids will when you watch Old Faithful’s eruption. Back in Bozeman, a picnic in the park can’t go amiss, with Lindley ParkBogert Park, and the East Gallatin Recreation Area making up just a few of your choices.


All The Activities

Painting pottery at Arts on Fire, exploring the toy store, making a trip to the candy shop, or jumping on with local kid-loved events like Sweet Pea Music Festival or story time at the library all make for a fun afternoon with little ones. Or go for a soak at Bozeman Hot Springs, where you can relax together in the water while the kiddos splash around. And with interactive exhibits and lots to see, you’ll have just as much fun at the Montana Science Center as they will.


Eat It Up

Your tots may not be as gourmet-minded as you are yet, but that doesn’t mean you need to hold back when it comes to eating. Midtown Tavern has a crazy kids menu, including mini steak, plus a game room where the young ones can blow off some steam. All our favorite breweries in this town are kid-friendly too, and the patio at MAP Brewing even backs up against a park, so you and your better half can take turns running around with the littles while you sip beers and nosh on gourmet noms.


Hike It Out

Depending how old your little ones are, you can pack them in on a longer trek or walk a more kid-friendly route where they can run wild. Bozeman’s backyard is the wilderness, leaving you plenty of choices if you’re looking to scale a mountain with little ones in tow. For a more relaxed outing, the Main Street to the Mountains trail system winds through town, connecting Bozeman to the surrounding valley. Follow the trails up to Peets Hill, and get some mountain views in without having to haul the kids to a summit.


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