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The Bozeman Guide To Ice Skating

Posted by RSVP Hotel BZN on 14 February 19, 8:00 am

Nothing says winter romance quite like a turn or two around an ice skating rink. And this is the perfect opportunity to show off your best winter style while you hold your boo’s hand tight. Here is the ultimate guide to heading out ice skating in Bozeman, where our chic mountain town lays out the white carpet for you to strut your stuff.


Fuel Up Before

Ice skating may not make for a high-impact excursion (unless of course you’re hitting those butterfly jumps and camel spins). But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give your body the best fuel to keep you going out on the ice. Head to the Farmer’s Daughters for health food done with ultra-fresh Montana flair. Or you can go for heavier fare for one of Bozeman’s best burgers at the classic Burger Bob’s.




Of course there are plenty of choices when it comes to ice skating in this mountain town. You don’t need to have trained to be a figure skater to tear it up out there in the rink. So choose from outdoor or indoor options, and get out there.



You can find city outdoor skating rinks in Beall Park, Southside Park, and Bogert Park, opening as soon as winter weather allows (usually around Christmas) until March. This is the ideal chance to enjoy a bit of open-air fun.



The Bozeman Amateur Hockey Association runs two indoor rinks in town, the Jim Bottcher Memorial Ice Rink at Haynes Pavilion and Ressler Motors Ice Rink at the Ice Barn. Weather doesn’t have to have the final say on your skating plans!




You don’t have to bring the gear along to get out onto the ice—although if you’re looking for sequined mini skirts and feathered necklines, you might want to check out our boutique shopping guide to Bozeman. When it comes to footwear, you can find rentals at plenty of spots around town.


Chalet Sports

Chalet Sports can get you in the gear for just about any adventure, and ice skating is no exception. Check out their Main Street location to get the goods, from skates to skis and snowshoes.


At The Rink

If you’re heading to Bozeman’s indoor rinks, you can pick up rentals when you get there—easy.



Ways To Treat Yourself Afterwards

Hey, no one said skating wasn’t hard work! You deserve to treat yo’ self after a hard day of having fun. Whether that looks tame and sweet, or a little naughtier, is up to you!


Gourmet Hot Cocoa

La Châtelaine Chocolat Co. is the ultimate Bozeman go-to for hot chocolate to die for. Imagine drinking a chocolate cake—that’s basically what you’re signing up for when you order up a cocoa to sip on. How could you not say yes? This is one indulgence that is well worth it.


Bubbly By The Fire At RSVP

Get delightfully sinful when you up the ante to a little bubbly by the fireside. And yes, RSVP has both the booze and the sparking flames on offer to enjoy. Snuggle up by the fire pit and sip the night away. There’s a reason that they say drinking champagne is like tasting the stars.


Cocktails At Bozeman Spirits

Bozeman Spirits sure has spirit when it comes to their craft concoctions. Take this night out on the town to taste your way around the Big Sky. Indulge in our professional recommendation, and stay in the mood for winter, when you go for the Hot Cinnamon Apple: Montana 1889 Whiskey, hot apple cider, with a dash of cinnamon and nutmeg on top.


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