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The Bozeman Barber Shop Side of Spa Life

Posted by RSVP Hotel BZN on 20 June 19, 8:00 am

We already gave you the deets on a few of our fave spas in Bozeman. But the spa scene in this town just keeps getting better! Here’s a little something for the dudes (not that they can’t enjoy a good massage and facial too!). Check out all the details below.


A Masculine Face for Spa Living

For the guys out there in search of a fabulous look and top-notch care, these are just a few of the places in town where you can get a good pampering too. Don’t be afraid to seek out killer treatments to work out the kinks and brighten your skin at one of the spas in town—all are welcome. But when you want to amp up the masculine energy, check out these barber shops for a straight-razor shave or a glamorous cut that will have you strutting your stuff.


The Upper Cut

The Upper Cut is as much a traditional barbershop as it gets. Stop in to get your name on the sign-in board, but just keep in mind that this spot is an on-the-go person’s greatest asset. Get impulsive, because they don’t take appointments here. Opt for a haircut, a hot shave, beard trim, or some combination of the three. All haircuts include a hot lather and neck shave, and the shaves are straight-razor classic, with a hot towel and lather.


The Barber Shop and Shaving Parlor

The Barber Shop and Shaving Parlor delivers the goods, with all the options you’re looking for, offered up in a traditional atmosphere with a modern edge. This is the works: go for a haircut that comes with all the bells and whistles. We’re talking nape shave, hot lather, straight razor, skin toner to fight razor burn and capped off with a shoulder massage to help you work out all the kinks. Plus, you can book online to plan ahead, or jump on the same-day walk-ins list to move to your own schedule.


Elkhorn Barber

Elkhorn Barber is all about fusing rugged with elegance to bring you a modern and cool look. Their space itself unites mountain man vibes with chic style. Opt for edgy, or play it safe with your style. Whichever way you go with it, know that Elkhorn is going to help you tap into your signature look. Book online in advance, or get in an e-line on their website for same-day appointments. Their simple pricing menu breakdown lets you get exactly what you want to pay for.


VIP Barber Shop

You’re a real VIP at VIP Barber Shop. Make an appointment online or by phone, and head just down 7th Ave from the RSVP. VIP brings out all the extras for their customers, with the option to add on a black mask peel to remove blackheads and an Elegance face scrub with elite ozone steamer that helps you relax while it rejuvenates your skin. Or stick to basics, and know you’re getting a quality cut.


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