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Steamy Soaks: Norris Hot Springs

Posted by RSVP Hotel BZN on 26 March 19, 8:00 am

With plenty of hot hot hot springs so close to Bozeman, it can be a challenge just figuring which one will be the best soak. Now those are champagne problems! So to make things a little easier—to give you less time planning, and more time chilling—here’s what you have to love about a little gem in nearby Madison Valley, Norris Hot Springs.


The Steamiest Spot To Soak

The sitch is a little different at Norris, where they don’t call it the Water of the Gods for nothing. This rustic setup features a large, wood-lined pool that stays totally in touch with the historic site. Changing rooms are basic, but the tables on the patio make this a perfect all-day hangout in summer, or a great evening unwind spot. Rising over the square pool, a domed tent sits above the patio, hosting musicians throughout the year.



History Of Chillax

Native Americans have been using thermal springs since humans first arrived in the region, and white settlers were excited to find the natural hot water for bathing when they arrived,  too. Early miners built the first wood-lined pool at this spot over a hundred years ago.

Local lore touts the benefits of the minerals found in the natural springs, though they have a sulfur content so low, the pools don’t give off a noticeable odor. Whether or not you feel a benefit from the minerals is up to you, but there’s no questioning the gain you’ll get from soothing hot water to unknot muscles and ease your mind.



Mmmhmmm Music

Every weekend, Norris hosts local musicians to play for the pool, sending soft notes into the night air. You can grab a drink and kick back under the stars while you take in the tunes. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at 7:00pm are the times to catch these poolside performers.



Eats To Beat Them All

Noms are more than just the cherry on top of the Norris experience. This is a dinner destination in its own right. The 50 Mile grill sources its ingredients from the garden onsite at the springs and from nearby ranches and farms—that’s the mindset that gives the grill its name. And the dishes delivered poolside won’t disappoint even the most selective gourmand.

The summer menu overflows with seasonal bounty, and the winter menu at the snack bar keeps you sated for a full day or evening soaking your cares away. Plus, local brews and a well-rounded wine list are on offer to ease your thirst while you soak.



Jumping-Off Point For Adventure

When it comes to adventuring in and around the Gallatin Valley, Norris makes the perfect spot to start your day or unwind on the way back to Bozeman. Make a day trip to Lewis & Clark Caverns State ParkVirginia City, Butte, or Yellowstone, and Norris fits right into your route without too much detour if you want to soak it all in. Exploring is hard work, and nothing feels better than slipping into a bikini to chill in a steamy atmosphere after a day of adventuring.


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