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Spark Creativity In Bozeman, MT With These Instagrammable Spots

Posted by RSVP Hotel BZN on 26 July 18, 6:00 am

Sure, it can be fun to unplug, but let’s be real—a little envy-evoking instagramming never hurt anyone. You don’t even have to go out into the wilderness of Montana to get that one shot no one has ever seen before. Get in touch with your creative side, and scope out the sexiest instagrammable spots right in the heart of Bozeman.

Peets Hill

All the gain with no pain makes it easy to get that special gram on Peets Hill. A quick jaunt from downtown, this little stroll gives you big views of downtown with a mountain-filled backdrop. And since it’s a prime place for people walking their pets, you can probably spot an adorable pooch to inspire those oohs and awws.

MAP Brewing

Photo: MAP Brewing Patio by Bozeman Craft Beer Week

Brews and views are exceptional in these parts, and nothing beats sipping a craft beer while kicking back to enjoy the panorama of the Bridgers at MAP Brewing. Between gourmet grub and a color palette of brews worth capturing, you can get your creative juices flowing with a photo that will turn your followers green with envy.

Hyalite Canyon

Just a quick drive from the center of town, Hyalite will make you feel like you’ve stumbled on another world—and no need to trade cute booties for big honking hiking boots. Between the mountains and serene water, you’ll be hard pressed to find a bad view, and that’s before you even reach the waterfalls. Nothing says photo-op like a cascading flow of liquid beauty with a striking mountain backdrop.

Main Street at Night

The glow of trendy fluorescents and classic vintage signs lights up the vibrant architecture of downtown Bozeman at night. Main Street comes alive after dark, with ample opportunities to snap an action shot of people enjoying cocktail hour, or find an artsy angle on a street scene. You can uncover a new perspective on every corner, from boujee storefronts to brick alleyways.

Bozeman Hot Springs

Photo: Outside Pools by Bozeman Hot Springs

Whisps of steam rising from sultry pools at Bozeman Hot Springs make for an enticing shot, and that’s before you’ve even slipped into your bikini. Luxurious lagoons combine relaxing time with a little creative inspiration. Between live music performances and the chance to strike a sexy pose, you’ll love the challenge of finding that perfect moment to capture.

View from the “M” Trail

The “M” Hiking Trail has a big payoff when it comes to views of the Gallatin Valley and the many mountains surrounding it. With aerial views of town almost as good as you’d find from your own private plane, there’s no such thing as a bad angle on this one. You can go for the burn and take the steep route, or wander your way up a more gradual incline for the same stunning view, and the photos that go along with it.

Bozeman Taproom Rooftop Bar

You really can stumble on an urban feel that amps up the energy, even in a mountain town. Find your way to Bozeman Taproom’s rooftop bar, and you can ease into the evening with a drink in one hand and your phone poised for action in the other. Under twinkling lights and amidst clinking glasses, find your flow and go for the pic that will inspire you to unwind.

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