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Posh Parenting: Planning For Your Next Family Trip To Bozeman, MT

Posted by RSVP Hotel BZN on 7 June 18, 2:21 am

Spending quality time with the fam doesn’t mean forgoing your own needs, and a Bozeman vacation strikes the perfect balance between luxurious amenities and fun for the whole family. The 406 is a posh place for any age, so plan on being both blissfully connected and happily independent.


Montana Glamour for All Ages

Bozeman is filled with fun museums and venues geared specifically toward kids. But let’s be honest—sometimes those can get a little stale for even the most devoted parent. To make sure you’ll love your together time as much as your little babes will, check out these activities designed to keep both of you entertained.

Zinging Zipline

You came to Montana for adventure, and there’s nothing more adventurous than soaring through the treetops. The good news is that kids ages five and up are welcome at Yellowstone Zipline, and if they don’t meet the minimum weight requirement, they can strap in with a guide and still go along. Snap some great pics and know there’s no need to worry because they’re in a professional’s hands.

Wow Them with Wild Water

Guided rafting is designed for all ages—whether you take a scenic float with your toddler or get wild on whitewater with children a little older, all of you will have a great time. Even better, sign up for a gourmet dinner float, and dine in style down the river. That means you can let loose a little while they have a blast spotting wildlife.

Deluxe Yellowstone

Yellowstone Luxury Tours offer custom tour itineraries tailored just for you, so you can see the wilds of Yellowstone at your own pace from the comfort of a chauffeured SUV. And since the day is utterly at your command, your mini-me can snack on organic apple juice and gourmet grilled cheese while you enjoy bubbly and brie, no compromise needed.




Some Time Apart Will Bring You Together

Sometimes you just need a little space—that’s not bad parenting, that’s good balance. Give the bambinos a taste of Montana that will make you the coolest parent on the playground, while still getting some well-deserved time to yourself.

Ski the Cold Smoke

In the colder months, play snowbunny and hit the slopes while the kiddos do the same—from the comfort and supervision of their own private lesson. Meet up for the last run of the day to scope out their new skills. But that leaves plenty of time in between for some laps of your own, plus lounging in the lodge by the fire with craft brew in hand. Or why not indulge in an intimate lunch with the hubbie, sans tots?

Soak Away Your Cares

Give the nanny a little break, and still keep your alone time. Enjoy a relaxing soak or hit the gym at Bozeman Hot Springs in the morning while your babes are tucked up tight at the onsite daycare. Then take a dip with them in the afternoon. You can truly relax knowing they’re nearby, having the time of their lives.

Horsing Around

Get into the saddle without worrying if they’re flying out of it. You can take an hour trail ride to revel in the rugged Montana countryside while the kids saddle up for a private riding lesson. Then meet back at the ranch for some gourmand grub, and swap stories from your solo time.

Striking that perfect balance between togetherness and keeping everyone happy can seem daunting, but a vacation in Big Sky Country is the first step on the trail to fun family time. And don’t forget to luxe it up!


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