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One Stop Shop For Local Winter Activities In Bozeman

Posted by RSVP Hotel BZN on 24 January 19, 8:00 am

When it comes to doing winter right in Bozeman, we’ve gotcha covered. Whether your kind of winter vibe involves hot chocolate (or a hot toddy) by the fire après shopping spree, or a backcountry winter adventure where it’s only you and the mountains for miles, you can find it—and everything in between—in Bozeman.



We’ve talked about skiing a lot, and for good reason. For the down-and-dirty guide to all things shredding in Bozeman, head here. But all you really need to know is that you have crazy choices that range from local ski hills to world-class resorts or savage backcountry, whatever strikes your fancy. From Bridger to Big Sky and beyond, Bozeman is a perfect jumping-off point. Book a Stay and Ski Package while you’re at it, and make it even easier to get to the slopes.


Cross Country Ski

You don’t need to love an adrenaline rush in order to enjoy having skis strapped to your feet. Experience everyone’s favorite winter sport in a more sedate manner when you take up cross country, or Nordic, skiing. Local outfitters can get you geared up with rentals and everything you need to stay warm and dry out on the snow. From there, set out, taking on Bozeman’s extensive network of groomed trails with Main Street to the Mountains.



Snowshoeing can be as crazy or as relaxed as you want, with plenty of trails of varying difficulty levels to choose from. Pick up rental snowshoes from Chalet Sports or Round House Sports Center for a quick way to get the gear you need. Once you’re suited up, the Bridger Mountain Range or Hyalite will give you plenty of trail options.


Ice Skate

With both indoor and outdoor skating rinks in Bozeman, plus skate rentals readily available, this romantic in-town snowy date day is perfect for two. Or bring the whole crew and make an excursion out of it. Either way, you’ll love a little ice time.



You can get into the sport of snowmobiling (a favorite of many because of heated seats and handlebars) without a huge investment when you rent or go with a local guide. This is an unforgettable way to experience wild areas like Yellowstone and the surrounding wilderness in winter, without having to break a sweat.


Sleigh Ride

Winter gets the ultra-glam treatment when you take a sleigh ride through the countryside. You have plenty of options to choose from, so you can get the basic experience or swank it up with VIP status and candlelit dinners to go along with it.


Dog Sled

Yellowstone Dog Sled Adventures will teach you all the proper commands for how to drive your own sled, or you can just sit back and ride with a guide behind a team of huskies. And since this is an organization that believes in rescuing dogs from unhappy circumstances, get ready to feel that tug on your heartstrings while you learn about the process.



Believe it or not, your hiking boots can still hit the trails, even if they’re snow covered. Strap on a pair of ice cleats, and head out, since most of the trails around town are packed enough that you would only need snowshoes right after a heavy snowfall.


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