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Nighttime Entertainment In Bozeman

Posted by RSVP Hotel BZN on 30 December 18, 8:15 am

When the sun sinks down, the fun is just getting started in Bozeman. These evening events and activities should keep you out way past your bedtime—but what’s the fun in getting your beauty sleep when you could be out on the town, taking in those entertainment vibes? The good news is, your beauty rest is waiting for you when you get back to your room at RSVP BZN, letting you make the most of it when you do stay out a little later. So take that reasoning and run with it to check out these evening must-dos in Bozeman.


Art Walks

Alright, Art Walks in Bozeman aren’t exactly an all-night affair, but they’re a classy kick-off to an evening that takes you all around town. Nibble gourmet noms at gallery receptions, and explore the shopping scene in the BZN with a local art twist, as businesses invite you in to take in the displays. You’ll find art in many media, so hop from stop to stop to pick out your faves.


Performances At The Ellen

Featuring a longtime tradition of entertainment in town, the classic Ellen Theater hosts everything from musical theater to world-class motivational speakers, but every once in a while, the theater gets back to its roots with a film screening. You can catch special showings of much-loved silver screen classics, as well as film festivals and more.


Hot Springs Live Music

Both Bozeman Hot Springs and nearby Norris Hot Springs offer up live music on a regular basis throughout the year. So soak away your cares in your best bikini while you enjoy fab floating notes drifting out into the night sky.


Shows At The Rialto

The recently renovated Rialto Theater is one of Bozeman’s top venues when it comes to enjoying live music. With bars upstairs and down and the historic vibes that keep things classic without feeling stale, the Rialto draws talent from all around the country


Improv On The Verge

The term “bust a gut” has never sounded sexy, but there’s no better way to characterize Improv on the Verge, the improv extravaganzas at the Verge Theater that will keep you laughing the night away. Grab a drink and sit back in your seat to watch the unexpected drama unfold.


Open Mic Night At Haufbrau

This treat at Haufbrau House opens up the mic to local talent on the reg, giving you the chance to spot up-and-comers or superstars in the making, or just spend an evening tossing back a few with the added element of background surprise. You can also catch live music at this bar and burgers joint.


Music On Main

When the weather gets warm, Main Street shuts down to vehicles to open up for a night of music and mayhem (of the best sort). At Music on Main, you’ll find food vendors and inviting bars, with a distinct festival atmosphere that will get you excited to wander the streets and explore downtown while you listen to the live music on scene.


BZN International Film Festival

Bringing some global flair to the Big Sky, the BZN International Film Festival opens up the screen to feature diverse voices in cinema from around the world. Experience the array of offerings at this event, and support the film industry in its many facets.


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