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Local Glitter And Glamour: Jewelry Stores In Bozeman

Posted by RSVP Hotel BZN on 15 January 19, 8:15 am

We know it’s true: diamonds really are a girl’s best friend! And we can help you find plenty of glitz and shimmer in Bozeman, with local jewelers and designers making it easy to uncover the next piece you’ll treasure forever. So hit the shops, and get excited to find those standout special somethings to help you say “I love you,” “I do,” and “Oh, yes!”


Miller’s Jewelry

Founded in 1882, Miller’s Jewelry has been around since before Montana became a state. So you know that’s means true quality before you even take in the selection of prized Yogo sapphires, direct from the wilds of nearby Yogo Gulch. This is personalized service at its finest in a family-run business, and you’ll be showing off these unique gems in all their glam glory for years to come.


Alara Jewelry

A fine jewelry gallery with a sense of humor? We get it if you have to see it to believe it at Alara Jewelry, where over 60 designers come together to deliver on that so-chic style promise while keeping it light. You’ll find every style on hand (pun intended), from understated to innovative and Modern Cowboy.


The Gem Gallery

You know those Montana Yogo Sapphires everyone is always raving about? Yeah, The Gem Gallery owns the mine. Well, okay, they’re under the ownership of the same family. And that just means that you had better hit the spa to look your best when you take on your role as a model for these sparkling gemstones. Because once you grab something this glittery, you won’t want to take it off.


Montana Silversmiths Store

If it seems strange to jump from sparkling sapphires to silver as far as the eye can see, don’t be alarmed. The Montana Silversmiths Store has a whole lot of that same Big Sky style on offer, without the crown jewel price. As the creators of the trophy belt buckles awarded to the rodeo National Finals winners each year, you know they take western wear seriously. Even if you don’t want to go for classic cowboy chic, you can find something sterling to suit you here.


Q Miller Jewelry

Marcia Q Miller brought her artistic aplomb to the fine jewelry scene starting in 1975, when she graduated from MSU with a fine arts degree and founded Q Miller Jewelry. Moving into metalwork was a natural next step, and she crafted this hand-created brand to bring it to its present heights. This is the place to get something custom made, and you’ll love the distinctive look that you can only get when you have luxury made to order.


Mountainside Designs Jewelry

You can’t get more Made in Montana than Mountainside Designs Jewelry. Each piece is handcrafted in owner Amelia’s home studio. This is a line you’ll have to hunt for, since she doesn’t have a storefront, but you can order online or scope out local boutiques for the distinctive Mountainside style. This is bold and unique at its best, with Southwestern flair to get you excited to get wild in the West.


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