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Local Alternatives To The Pumpkin Spice Latte In Bozeman

Posted by RSVP Hotel BZN on 11 October 18, 8:00 am

We’re all about that PSL lovin’ when autumn hits, but sometimes it pays to change things up a bit. Get into fall flavor and explore a bit with your taste buds as you work your way around Bozeman. These local alternatives to pumpkin spice will usher you into the fall season with a little something to make you purse your lips and savor the new flavors all around town.


Turmeric Steamer to Get Steamy

You don’t need to embrace the full caffeine buzz if all you want is a little taste of cozy spice. A turmeric steamer from Treeline Coffee Roasters will give you the countless antioxidant benefits of turmeric in its warm and fluffy tastiness. Seriously, it feels like turmeric is reported to do everything, from reducing inflammation to helping your liver take all those sinfully delicious cocktails in a stride. Let the zing of spice and goodness give your body and mind a whole new glow as you get ready for the change of the seasons.


Chill Out With Wild Joe’s Chai

Wild Joe’s takes their chai seriously, with a selection that stretches far beyond the lengths of a typical chai menu. Take your pick from naturally decaffeinated Rooibos chai, spicy ginger Bhakti, sweet and creamy Green Tea Chai, sweet and spicy Masala Chai, locally made Indian Tipus, or authentic American style. Whichever way you go, the sinfully spiced beverages will get you going and in the spirit of the season.


Spice It Up With An Orange Spice Latte

Orange spice zings you with a jolt of vitamin C from Cafe M, while they deliver your daily dose of awake in the form of an Orange Spice Latte. This fresh and refreshing flavor zinger will get you in the aromatic palette of fall while you change things up from PSL tradition. Their Main Street location places you perfectly for a crunchy fall leaf stroll through Lindley Park, where you can find a bench and catch some dappled autumn rays through the trees while you sip your way through the spiced concoction.


Sip On A Sola Salted Caramel Latte

House-made salted caramel syrup from Sola makes a latte utterly lip-licking. Find a sweet seat inside or out while you wait for your coffee. You’ll dig the artistic decor with stellar mountain views from their upstairs loft area. Plus the wafting aromas from the kitchen below—and prime view of the pastry case—will make you want to linger a little longer while you try some tasty treats.


Wild Joe’s Montana Honey Bee Latte

This Honey Bee Latte from Wild Joe’s will warm you up and get you infused in the simplicity of a good drink done right. You’ll find steamed milk, honey and tongue-teasing espresso in this carefully crafted coffee. Locally produced milk from Kalispell Kreamery gives every drink from Wild Joe’s that wild Montana flavor, and local infused honey will have your senses buzzing like the bees that made it. Sip away, and enjoy the spice of the season.


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