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Healthy Dining Options In Bozeman For Less Than $14

Posted by RSVP Hotel BZN on 13 December 18, 8:30 am

Eating healthy on a budget is easy when you’re stepping out to taste your way through the streets of Bozeman. These options will let your body thank you for making good (and delicious!) choices, while your wallet won’t lose too much weight in the process. Keep it under $14 when you stick to this list, and still eat well.


Early Bird

Sola Cafe

The onsite gourmet market filled with local goodies makes a trip to Sola Cafe even more exciting. And that’s on top of delish goodies (okay, not necessarily the most healthy) and deli items for breakfast and lunch (including killer salads) with tons of options under that perfect $14 price point.


The Farmer’s Daughters Cafe & Eatery

Farmer’s Daughters brings the LA health food scene to Bozeman, with bowls, smoothies and amazing eats that will wow your palate and keep your budget as happy as your appetite. Dishes this good really can be good for you too! You’ll love the vibe of vintage chic almost as much as you’ll adore the food.

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Oba Cafe

Acai bowls at Oba Cafe get authentic Brazilian flair. These are the real deal. Cold press juice is pretty chill, and you’ll find it at Oba, one of the few places in the BZN to snag some. Their bowls are packed with energy, and you can pick and choose the three ingredients to top them with, making the healthy choice all your own.


Nova Cafe

Classic diner grub goes health food at Nova, where gluten free, vegetarian and vegan options pepper the menu filled with locally sourced ingredients. You can even check out their list of suppliers on their website before the menus hit the table. A bit of funky local art and a whole lotta tasty style make the whole experience delicious, delightful and delovely.


Later Gator

Bozeman Co-op Deli

On the weekends, enjoy breakfast and brunch here at both the Co-op’s downtown and West Main locations, but the deli’s late hours (catch them till 8pm) mean that you can grab dinner on the go. Organic ingredients and pick-and-mix buffet style mean that you can be as healthy as your choices. And priced at $9.79 per pound, you can keep it cheap or go for broke.


Dave’s Sushi

It’s official: sushi is a health food! With all those quality Omega 3s and no added fats, you can’t go wrong with freshness like this, especially when it comes from Dave’s Sushi, where the ingredients on your plate are the freshest you can find. Sushi can be known to break the bank, but at Dave’s you can suss out plenty of options that come in under budget.


Five On Black

The entire menu at Five on Black is gluten free, making every menu item a no-brainer. And their handy nutritional information chart makes it easy to sort through the nutritional value of each ingredient.


Whistle Pig Korean

Serving all local and natural meat and eggs, Whistle Pig brings you Korean flavor with as many health brownie points as you can find. This is fast, fresh and healthy at its finest, with a little bit of exotic flavor to keep things interesting.


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