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Grab n’ Go Breakfast Places in Bozeman

Posted by RSVP Hotel BZN on 18 April 19, 8:00 am

There are a few things that you can count on in life. Death, taxes, and the fact that everyone will at one point or another experience a morning that gets away from them. Whether it’s because you couldn’t get the kids out of bed on time, high-fived the snooze button, or got halfway to the office only to remember you left the straightener on, we get it. And when the going gets crazy, it’s typically the breakfast that gets cut. As breakfast connoisseurs, we’re here to tell you that brekkie doesn’t have to be a barter item when it comes to your mornings. That’s why we’re dishing on our favorite Grab-n-Go breakfast options around Bozeman. After all, it is the most important meal of the day.


While it’s location can sometimes cause this place to be overlooked, Sola is a downright gem. And let’s be real—it’s only a mile from Main Street. We know by Bozeman standards, that’s cause for consideration, but we promise it’s worth the “trek.” Apart from their super fresh ingredients and fab flavor, Sola’s setup is the distinction that makes this the perfect place for a girl on the go. They’ve They’ve recently remodeled their interior setup to more of a walking buffet style. Choose your items from a mouth-watering display of fresh eggs, the chef’s daily scramble, quiche, thick bacon, and more. Or, if you’re really needing to burn rubber, swing through their drive-through. They’re one of the few non-fast food places in town that offer one, where you can pick from options like oats all the way to breakfast sandwiches smothered in arugula pesto and fresh cheddar cheese.


If you find yourself on Main Street, it can seem like your only options for a quick breakfast are the devilish sugary goods of a coffee shop. But rest assured, the co-op is here to save your morning! Stroll on in and choose from a variety of burrito and biscuit options that are wrapped and ready to go. Go for something hearty like the bean and rice burrito, or keep it clean with gluten-free and vegan options. If you’re at the West Main location, you can swing upstairs and grab a latte to really turn your morning around. Because truly, there’s nothing a breakfast burrito and a good cup of coffee can fix.


Another spot that’s tucked a few blocks from Main Street, Farmer’s Daughters offers you a host of grab-n-go options that won’t force you to sacrifice health for convenience. First of all, a pop into this coffee shop is guaranteed to sooth even the gnarliest morning mood. Surrounded by soft pinks tables, warm gold fixtures and floral accents, you can grab from the counter or put in an order if you have five minutes to spare. We promise, if your morning is chaotic, sitting in this fresh little slice of heaven for a minute or two may be just what it needs. Or, choose quick options like the Morning Glory Muffin (GF, OG) or the Chia Pudding Bowl (GF) complete with coconut milk, honey and house-made granola. Not only will your brekkie be good for you, but for your community, too. Farmer’s Daughter makes it their mission to work closely with local farmers and vendors whenever possible. How’s that for a good morning?


Whether you find yourself off Kagy, downtown, or even in Belgrade, Café M has your breakfast needs on-lock. This is a stop for those who are craving something a little heartier to get their morning going. Choose from options like The Smokehouse Burrito (pulled pork, mesquite sour cream, red onion and hash browns) or The Norris Burrito, (eggs, pork sausage, cheddar, hash browns, black beans, lime cilantro sauce). For those looking for a lighter grab-n-go option, they offer fruit parfaits and oatmeal. While you’re waiting in the drive-through you might as well treat yourself to a latte. Our personal favorite? A soy latte with 1 pump of Hazelnut will change your life.


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