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Finding Inspiration With Winter Activities For Your Inner Artistic Side

Posted by RSVP Hotel BZN on 12 February 19, 8:00 am

Let out your inner artiste when cold weather beckons, and embrace the snow falling season for the ultimate inspo that it is. Whether you relish winter walks in the mountains, or a hot toddy by the fire is more your speed, you can unleash the artistic side of your persona with these fun choices.


Pottery Painting

Stay inside, sip a coffee, and paint some pottery at Arts on Fire. How often do you just sit back and let the creative juices flow in a new medium? Get fired up (pun intended) when they fire up the kiln, and take home a handmade souvenir from your trip. Be sure to apply all that mountain inspiration when you craft your design.


Gallery Gazing

The good news for your creative side: Bozeman is chock full of art galleries for you to peruse. From local legends to international superstars of the art world, you can find them all on the walls of local galleries and boutiques. Wearable art, sculpture, paintings, mixed media, and photography all offer up a bite of creative inspiration that you could even take home with you. Good thing we’ve put together the ultimate Bozeman gallery guide to help you out.


Winter Art Walk

With long winter nights coming to call, you’ll want to hit the streets when they’re lit up with festive cheer. When you visit in December, try to plan your trip around the annual Winter Art Walk. Enjoy the chance to explore Bozeman’s downtown, complete with snacks, drinks, and sales worth seeking out. Let local art influence you, and get into the experience. This is best followed up with a craft cocktail from a local distillery. Because, you know, a little liquid inspo never hurt either!


Dancing at Townshend’s

Express yourself in a new way when you head to a swing dancing, salsa, or tango night at Townshend’s Bozeman Teahouse. Shake it on the dance floor while you meet new people, and enjoy the creativity that comes from moving your body while snow flies outside.


Tour Yellowstone In Winter

Yellowstone has long inspired writers and artists from around the world, and for good reason. The scenery is unmatched, the landscape incredible, and the geologic features will wow even the casual visitor. Learn by example and seek out the sources for stunning shots of the park that you can find all over the Insta.


Photography Workshop

You can discover workshops and classes of all sorts in Bozeman, but with scenery like the jaw-dropping vistas that surround you in the Gallatin Valley, you can’t go wrong when you take a quick course in photography or join in on a photography tour. Take to the hills and get shooting, knowing that the views you’re capturing will be able to inspire you long after you leave.


Visit Taylor Planetarium

If imagining the vastness of space in 3D doesn’t get those creative ideas revved up, we don’t know what will. The Taylor Planetarium at the Museum of the Rockies holds that arching screen and comfortable reclining chairs to transport you to another planet. Even if none of the info sticks in your brain, those enormous, colorful images of space will get lodged in your well of creativity.



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