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Family Day Trip Into Yellowstone

Posted by RSVP Hotel BZN on 2 August 18, 6:00 am

Get out into nature with the whole fam to enjoy a Yellowstone day trip that you’ll never forget. The right family Yellowstone trip will leave you satisfied with your great outdoors time, while letting you stay connected to the amenities you can expect from a city when you’re staying nearby in Bozeman.

This family Yellowstone itinerary will show you all the sights, with time for stops that will add a little luxury into the day. The wilderness doesn’t have to be devoid of a bit of glitz and glamour, after all!

Wildlife Spotting

Get an early start along your personalized Yellowstone trip itinerary, and grab a bite to go from The Farmer’s Daughter, the utterly fresh and chic eatery located right at the RSVP. You’ll find something to suit everyone’s palate—even the pickiest eaters—with locally sourced ingredients that can make you feel good about the kids chowing down.

The best time to spot wildlife in the park is in the morning, so head for Gardiner at the north entrance as early as you can to find fewer crowds and killer sunrises. If that early hour just isn’t going to happen, don’t worry. The four-legged park residents are out and about at different times, so you’re likely to see bison and pronghorns throughout the day.

The Lamar Valley is the first place to check out. Home to the park’s wolf pack, bears, bison and countless other furry friends, this less-trodden and verdant valley makes a great stop. If you’re nervous about encountering some of the more carnivorous critters around, rest easy in viewing from the safety of your car. You’re likely to see others looking from a safe distance through spotting scopes, so it pays to ask them what they see.

Luxury Luncheon

Yellowstone Lake Lodge is the place for lunch, with views of the largest lake in Yellowstone National Park to help you work up an appetite. If the kiddos are happy sitting still with knife and fork in hand, treat them to a meal to remember in the Lake Hotel Dining Room. You’ll find a sustainable experience, with local and organic ingredients to spice up well-appointed dishes of delectable mountain fare.

If your little ones have attention spans that just can’t handle an elegant dining room, you can still get tasty eats at a quicker pace from the Lake Lodge Cafeteria, where you’ll find rotating daily specials to nibble on. Take a moment to kick back in the comfy rocking chairs on the lodge’s expansive porch, and enjoy the moment with family.

Geyser Loop

It wouldn’t be a trip to Yellowstone without a stop at Old Faithful. Fortunately, modern technology makes planning easy. With a quick download, the NPS Yellowstone Geyser app on your phone will tell you what the estimated wait times are until the next eruption. That will give you plenty of time to stretch your legs and walk around, without having to worry that you might miss the main event.

After you ooh and ah at Old Faithful, drive up the west side of the park and make pit stops to stretch your legs and let your little ones get out some energy with a stroll to see Grand Prismatic, possibly the most photogenic feature in the entire 2 million acre park. Get family selfies in front the effervescent colors and steam rising from the hot ground before you pile back in the car to head back to town, looping up through West Yellowstone and Big Sky, satisfied from an unforgettable family Yellowstone trip.

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