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Exploring Bozeman Solo

Posted by RSVP Hotel BZN on 25 March 19, 8:00 am

With safe streets, stunning vistas, and plenty to do, Bozeman, Montana, is a prime place to visit solo. So when your besties ditch you (just kidding!) or whatever your reason for flying solo, it shouldn’t affect your BZN travel plans. Take our pro advice on these awesome options when you visit Bozeman on your own.


Make Those Social Media Connections

If you’re craving human interaction and a deep dive into the local experience, seek out a Bozeman Facebook page like Visit Bozeman or a group like Yellowstone Up Close and Personal, where you can get inspo and ask advice from local experts, or maybe even connect with your new BFF. Apps like Meetup can give you even more options for finding people to hang with when you arrive.


Seek Out A Group Hike

Don’t let grizzly fears keep you from hitting the trails when you travel solo to Montana. Park rangers in Yellowstone offer free guided hikes year-round (with snowshoe options in the winter), or you can jump on with a tour group or backcountry trip to experience the wilderness with no worries. If you’re more of the lone-wolf type, you can get your easy access to the wilds of Montana when you go with the bespoke option of building your own tour with a personal guide.



Enjoy A Dinner In Solitude

It can seem daunting to dine alone, but with that Big Sky hospitality, you really have nothing to worry about. If the idea of approaching a hostess and asking for a table for one still gives you the jitters, you can check out Montana Ale Works or Blackbird for gourmet noms served straight to the bar.


Meet The Locals

It’s hard to find a friendlier place than Montana, which makes Bozeman the perfect place to travel solo. Strike up a conversation in the bar, or make a new friend when you hit the trails. However you meet and mingle, you’re never a stranger for long when you find yourself in Bozeman. If all else fails, you can’t go wrong with local advice straight from the accommodating staff at the RSVP, where concierge service attains a whole new level.


Check Out Local Events

The Bozeman events calendar is chock full of fun events all throughout the year, from a tango sesh at a local tea house to film festivals and theater performances. Check out the Bozone calendar for the inside scoop, and plan your trip around the most exciting option. With a bustling arts community and plenty of avid adventurers in our neck of the woods, you definitely won’t be bored. You can also join our Inner Circle email list for weekly updates on everything going on at RSVP and beyond.


Stay Boutique

The best part of solo travel is taking time for a smidge of pampering. You can do whatever you want, and if what you want is an in-room blowout or massage—or a spa booking or lift tickets—your wish is always our command. Time spent in the hot tub or sipping some bubbly by the fireside out on the RSVP patio is never a waste.


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