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Events To Hit Each Week In Bozeman

Posted by RSVP Hotel BZN on 12 March 19, 8:00 am

There’s no sense in waiting around for the weekend to arrive when there is so much to do in Bozeman all week long. This roundup of our fave social activities and events can get you into the Big Sky Country state of mind while you dive into something a little interactive for your night out on the town.


Trivia Isn’t Trivial

Quick! What is it illegal to duel with in Massachusetts? And what is banned (by law) in Japanese restaurants? Pull out your most obscure knowledge and get a little competitive with a trivia night at favorite venues like Bozeman Taproom (Mondays from 6pm to 8pm), Rocking R Bar (Wednesdays at 8pm), and Pub 317 (every Wednesday). Bring some friends along, and put on your thinking caps for the fun. When you combine trivia with brews and bites in a locally loved spot, you’ve got the recipe for the start of a rockin’ night.


Pour Another Drink For Karaoke

Get ready to belt it out when you take on a Bozeman karaoke extravaganza. The Bacchus Pub and Bar IX are both well known for their karaoke nights to remember (or forget!). Or if you want to head out of town (and make sure you won’t embarrass yourself around people you might see again), a quick trip to Three Forks can get you singing your heart out at the famous Sac Bar, where you’ll find regular Sunrise Karaoke offerings. So the real question is, are you more of an Abba aficionado or a Shania babe? Start your warm up, toss back a shot, and get ready to go on!


Step It Up With Social Dance

Whether you dream of swirling the dance floor with your sweetie or kicking up the heels of your cowboy boots in a sweaty two-step, you can find the dancing to suit your fancy in the heart of town. Bozeman Swing offers up opportunities for open dances, often hosted by Townshend’s Bozeman Teahouse, so be sure to check their schedule while you dust off your dancing shoes. If shaking it to swing music makes you nervous—or you don’t have the know-how—pre-dance classes can get you to pro status in no time. Ballroom Dance Bozeman brings another side of the dance floor out to play, offering themed nights, lessons, and plenty more.


Open Up On Open Mic Nights

Okay, you don’t have to bring your guitar along and put your name in the hat to appreciate an open mic night in Bozeman. Watching raw talent and up-and-comers is a sport in itself. Haufbrau House is well known for their open mics, the perfect choice if you’re in a bit of a bar mood. Wild Joe’s Coffee brings all that laid-back vibe to a brick-walled cafe atmosphere so hipster (in the best possible way) that you could swear you were in Brooklyn. If you’re craving a little more than just observing, it’s time to prep your act and take the plunge!


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