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Coolest Places Within Biking Distance of the RSVP Hotel

Posted by RSVP Hotel BZN on 16 May 19, 8:00 am

Putting pedal to the metal doesn’t have to involve a sports car. Bozeman is one of the friendliest biking towns around, with plenty of wide streets, bike lanes and dedicated paths to get wheels on the ground. With such a stellar network of bike routes and community offerings to support cyclists, Bozeman is a biker’s happy place. Plus, RSVP offers super cute beach cruisers for guests to use, so you don’t have to pack your own set of wheels to enjoy the biking-babe breeze in your hair while you check out the town. Here are some of our fave spots to hit, all within easy biking distance of RSVP.


Main Street…

Downtown BZN is just a few blocks away from midtown, so you’re easy biking distance from the boutiques and art galleries of Main Street, with a few museums thrown in for good measure. It’s downright Parisian to pedal your way to sidewalk cafe seating before you enjoy a quick espresso (or frappe, depending on your mood).


…to the Mountains

The Main Street to the Mountains trail system is aptly named. With miles of trails connecting the valley, you can make it to the base of the Bridgers without hardly having to put tire to pavement. The journey is just as good as the destination in this case, so savor the changing scenery as you hit highlights like Museum of the Rockies or the beach at Gallatin Regional Park.


Story Hill Trails

You can bike to your hike when you take Main Street to the Mountains trails over to Story Hills. This also makes a great spot to mountain bike, but if you want to take the chance to stretch your legs in a different way, you can ditch the bike and take a walk. The trails take you through rolling hills, with some solid view payoffs that usually come with fewer crowds than the M trail or Drinking Horse (which you could also pedal over to if you want).


Peets Hill

To get the easiest knockout views in Bozeman, pedal your way to Peets Hill. A quick ascent by foot or by bike will take you to the biggest view payoff around. See the valley stretch out below you, with the city right at your feet. Be sure to snap a few pics for the Insta, and enjoy the time in urban nature.


Anywhere a Bike Lane Can Take You

This map of bike routes in Bozeman is your best bud when it comes to getting around on two wheels. It shows bike lanes, bike paths, shared-use trails and more to make pedaling as simple as possible. Fancy a beer but don’t want to drive? This route network can connect you to all the best restaurants, bars and breweries in town. Or head downtown for Music on Main on summer Thursdays and never worry about parking. Enjoy the warm air and the smell of fresh-cut grass in the air as you make your way back to the RSVP, covering quiet neighborhood streets at a gentle meander.


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