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Clear Your Mind With The Best Yoga Studios In Town

Posted by RSVP Hotel BZN on 18 March 19, 8:00 am

Feel the “oms” and center yourself for some time at the mat. Your practice is about so much more than just the hip-hugging Lululemon leggings and yoga abs—though those are certainly benefits. It’s about going deep, with your body and your mind. Let these yoga studios heal you and help you grow when you seek a workout and mind cleanse in Bozeman.


Ekam Yoga

Ekam Yoga brings your practice to new heights. Their scrumptious studio was designed with the student in mind, and it offers everything from Princess Water—fruit-infused water on tap—to fully stocked locker rooms and towel service. And that’s all before you even get into class. Pre-enroll online to make check-in simple, and you’ll start breathing easier before the start. Plus, the Ekam visitor pass welcomes even people who are just passing through, with three classes to use within two weeks for just $40.


Mountain Yoga Bozeman

Vinyasa, chakra flow, hatha, and even Babes and Babies flow all find a home at Mountain Yoga. This cozy studio has a space for your mat and a welcoming community to help you make the most out of your practice. With intensive workshops, you can refine your form and stretch your limits beyond anything you would have imagined. Besides, you can hop over here and take advantage of their tourist pass too.


Bend Beyond

Photo by Bend Beyond.

Bozeman’s best in classic hot yoga, Bend Beyond turns up the heat so you can sweat it all out and pretzel up. Light a little fire under your tush, and get stoked on flexibility at this steamy studio. The orange accents in the lobby bring you into the warmth, while the artistic mountain mural in the studio will have you thinking chilly thoughts while your body sinks into the inferno. When the question is, “Is it worth the sweat?” the answer is a resounding yes.


Your Yoga

Your Yoga is your space to find enlightenment—or just to burn it out and stretch your muscles as far as they can go! The Main Street studio is a dash of light and luxury, with high brick-framed windows letting in lots of sunshine. You’ll find the classes you love, with warm options that spice things up slightly while you get some sweat flowing. And onsite bodywork will help you work your body out. Featuring Thai therapeutic deep-tissue bodywork, hands-on yoga therapy and guided meditation, a sesh or two will help you find mental and physical realignment.


Bozeman Aerial Fitness

Yoga is there to ground you, but it doesn’t need to stay on the ground. Bozeman Aerial Fitness lets you fly while you practice, taking students up on silks for a whole new way to work out. Suspended in a fabric hammock, you’ll find strength, stretch, and tone, intensified. The welcoming vibes and all-abilities attitude mean that you may have just found your happy place. The studio has all the typical mat offerings too, plus pole fitness and hip hop dance if you’re looking for a workout that’s even further out there.


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