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Cat-Griz at the RSVP

Posted by RSVP Hotel BZN on 22 October 19, 10:15 am

When it comes time to show your Montana colors and turn out for the annual Cat-Griz game, it’s a no-brainer that you should be staying in luxurious Bozeman digs. You’ll have unlimited access to fine-dining, fine-snoozing, and fine-football here in the BZN. But how do you beat the crowds and make the most of the weekend? Here’s what to do.

Where to Stay for Saturday, November 23

Well, you know we’re going to recommend the RSVP for your weekend stay. But here’s why: as far as a convenient location that gets you off of the 19th Ave traffic nightmare and keeps you close enough to the stadium for an easy Uber ride, this is the best of the best. Skip fighting for parking and go straight to cheering on your team. We won’t say who we’re rooting for, but you know we’re going to win come November 23. And you’ll be winning too when you stay at the RSVP for the big game.

We’re talking glamorous boutique accommodations to retreat to after you tailgate and post-game celebrate in style. That eclectic global style is excellent (especially with high-thread-count sheets to slip between), but grab a beer and head out to the fire pits as the evening winds down, and you’ll see the allure of boutique hotel life during tailgate season. Then kick off game day with a latte and some clean eating from the Farmer’s Daughters cafe, and you’re in business.

Book Early

Don’t be afraid of dates that are blacked out by other football fans arriving in droves: book early. Get your tickets, plan your travel days, and then snag your room at the RSVP. It really is that simple! It’s easiest to book directly through our website, but you can go to your favorite booking site, too, if you’re raking in the points. It doesn’t matter how you do it; it just matters that you do it early. Just remember that we are running our #FallForUs2019 special, which you can only get through our website.

Upgrade Your Stay

It’s all about the big game, but you can use your time away to upgrade too. How about a quick post-game detour to Yellowstone while you’re in town? We can schedule a bespoke tour just for you. Or keep it simple and just add on breakfast from the Farmer’s Daughters for your morning wakeup call that tastes so good.

Everything You Need to Know About the Weekend

Head to Bozeman this fall to immerse yourself in the weekend’s fun. Just remember, few bags of any kind—including large purses—are not allowed inside. Clear plastic is okay, so get on the acrylic trend bandwagon, and you’re good to go. Small clutches are a go, but just be sure they fall within the conservative dimensions allowed. Seat cushions are A-OK, so you can watch in comfort. You can get your tickets online, take a car to the stadium, and snag your seats. Just don’t forget to book a room! 

Whether you’re decked out in maroon and silver or rocking the blue and gold, you know how to do this game right. The Great Divide trophy is on the line here, so we don’t like to mess around. This rivalry goes back more than 100 years, all the way to 1897, the 11th oldest football rivalry west of the Mississippi. And sure, it can get a little heated, but we all love being under the Big Sky. 

Click here to book your stay for the big game!

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