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Bozeman’s Coziest Breweries

Posted by RSVP Hotel BZN on 22 November 18, 8:15 am

Truth be told, it’s hard to rep those cozy vibes in craft breweries designed for factory production, all decked out in high ceilings and exposed ductwork. Not that we’d dis industrial chic—far from it. But when winter comes knocking, the fireside and plush lounging opportunities become even more appealing. The good news is, these Bozeman breweries know what’s up when it comes to comfy, so snuggle in for the long haul, and get ready to Hygge it up for a dose of cuddly brews.


MAP Out Comfort

MAP Brewing brings its A-game for cozy with a statement fireplace across from the bar. Armchairs and an overstuffed leather sofa make the ideal fireside seating arrangement. These primo spots are the perfect vantage to savor the view of the mountains outside as you enjoy every effervescent sip. Even if you can’t snag one of the fireside seats, the upstairs loft bar area makes for an intimate retreat from the hoards of adoring beer fans who show that this place is really all it’s hyped up to be.


Nestle Into Bozone

Bozeman Brewing goes above and beyond on its beers, and that’s reflected in the popularity of its modest tasting room. The neighborhood pub vibe that this brewery is famous for brings you in close and amps up the cozy. Red accents about the bar add warmth against chill Montana winters, and sunny yellow walls turn up the thermostat on the mood. Lay claim to the row of vintage theater seats tucked away in the corner away from it all, fill up the popcorn bowl, and sip the winter night away.


Don’t Walk On By Mountains Walking

Photo by Mountains Walking Brewery & Pub.

Intimate wood booths inspire close conversation at Mountains Walking. The decor is distinctly cabin-in-the-woodsy for an atmosphere of campfire conversation and soft snow falling. And the design itself invites you into its warm embrace, with prominently displayed wall art proclaiming that you are welcome as you step inside. Brews and food go hand-in-hand here, and comfort food is the watchword. You’ll find everything from wings to creamy soups and wood-fired pizza to spice up the day and pair perfectly with the craft brews.


Cozy Isn’t Outlawed

Counter to its name, Outlaw Brewing makes you feel right at home from the get go, and a raw-edge wood bar heightens the feel of folksy. Mismatched wooden chairs bring your mindset back to Grandma’s house while she bakes cookies in the kitchen. But Granny isn’t watching now, so raise a glass to her and order up another pint in Outlaw’s signature cup. The perfectly placed whimsical mustache printed on the side of the glass draws belly laughs from your squad with every sip.


Woof For White Dog

The mere thought of man’s best friend immediately amps the snuggle action, and White Dog Brewing’s pooch theme does the legwork for homey. Doggy oil paintings cover the walls, where rusty brick and warm wood converge to counteract the swanky exposed ductwork that only enlivens the energy of low, twinkling lighting. You’ll love the distinctive vintage artwork that brings personality to the labels of their beer offerings.


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