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Bozeman Inspiration: Find Your Inner Creativity

Posted by RSVP Hotel BZN on 25 September 18, 9:35 am

The trendy town of Bozeman sparks creativity in and of itself. Between jaw-dropping views and local microbrews, letting yourself unwind and enjoy everything the region has to offer will be sure to amp up your inner ingenuity.


Dive Outside Your Comfort Zone

The best place to turn for inspo of any sort is new experiences. Whether that means hiking, biking, rafting, ziplining or skydiving, reaching outside of your comfort zone brings benefits untold to your creativity.

Skydiving will push you to your limits, so flying through the air in freefall will do wonders. If leaping from an airplane at 14,000 feet doesn’t sound like the thrill you’re looking for, never underestimate a little river time or a bike ride around town to get your adventure on, and to open you up to new inspiration.


Stretch Your Mind (and Body)

It’s more than just a cliche that you find your most inspiring moments in the shower. Those moments where you turn your brain off let the lightning bolt of creative vision strike. Resetting your mind and body has powerful creative properties to bring fabulous ideas into reality.

Stretch out and reset with a yoga class. In Bozeman, you’ll find chic studios offering everything from gentle stretching to steamy hot yoga. Or get outside and try some SUP yoga on the water in summer or chill snowga in the winter.

If loosening up your muscles on your own isn’t quite enough, Bozeman’s assortment of high-end spas can get you in for a deep tissue massage or reinvigorating facial that will blow your mind in the best possible way.


Fuel Your Vision

The coffee/view combo is one that Bozeman has on lock. You’re a caffeinated jolt and take your creative dilemmas out to the top viewpoints in Bozeman. Start off with a latte to go from deluxe shops like Treeline Coffee Roasters or Salted Caramel Cafe, and then head to the views.

Some of the best overlooks in town are the easiest to get to, making it a snap to get your creative juices flowing with some of that high-octane vista-spiration. Drive up to the Story Hills to catch the sunset sinking beyond the distant mountains that circle the west end of the valley. Or take a quick stroll up to Peets Hill to take in the glittering city lights that shine only a little brighter than the stars overhead. You can’t beat sweeping vistas to give you that jolt of creativity.


Unplug To Recharge

Fresh mountain air is known for its rousing qualities, so step away from it all on a quick hike in Bozeman. Set your phone to airplane mode and take the time to step back and smell the flowers—literally. Burbling streams and snow-capped mountains make for unbeatable backdrops of fostering creativity.

But as you stroll, don’t forget to take a few quick pics of your lush surroundings. Your future inspiration—and Insta followers—will thank you later.


Find Your Inspiration In Others

Checking out Bozeman’s eclectic collection of art galleries and museums will bring your creative energy up in no time. Installations at the Emerson Center bring a rotation of artists to town, while luxe art galleries let you take home a piece of the inspo for yourself. Be sure to check out mainstays like Altitude Gallery and Visions West Contemporary for some creative insight that will stick with you.


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