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Boutique Shopping In Bozeman

Posted by RSVP Hotel BZN on 14 June 18, 2:03 am

Pull out the plastic, and get ready to shop. The boutique scene in Bozeman is booming, making Main Street the place to lay your manicured fingers on your fave brands or score a fabulous find that is one-of-a-kind. Everyone back home will be clamoring to replicate your new look, but the exclusive local flavor of the 406 is impossible to imitate. Check out these high-fashion hot spots for a bit of the Big Sky to take home with you.

Evrgreen Clothing

Find an outfit for a luxurious day trip down the river, some lounge time beside the pool, or a night of extravagance out on the town. These racks are dripping with outfits that will never go out of style, and Evrgreen’s classic collection suits its name. But appreciating an evergreen style doesn’t mean you can’t be trendy too. You’ll find a new spin on wardrobe essentials, like slinky maxi dresses that sport sexy cutouts, showing a flash of skin to give the look an updated angle.


Meridian Boutique

Meridian Boutique embodies contemporary style, a boutique fueled by pieces straight from the runways of modern fashion’s most coveted designers. Unique pieces fill the store, like edgy cashmere tank tops (yes, we used edgy and cashmere in the same sentence) and rag & bone blazers. The haute look on hand is classy and stylish with a dash of sexy sass.



A chic take on global style, Cósmica brings bold colors with some south-of-the-border flair, offering unique pieces to fit a sassy style. An expansive array of items inspired by Peruvian and Hispanic culture ranges from chic sundresses in eye-catching cuts to vivid embroidered sugar skull throw pillows that will spice up your home decor. Cósmica is the place to find a wow-worthy statement piece.


The Root

For trendy ensembles that feel just as much at home on the streets of Brooklyn or avenues of Paris as in the wilds of Montana, The Root has you covered. Breezy textures and fun prints get your wardrobe ready for warm-weather months, or you can find the ideal accessory to rock the party. These are the casual looks with designer flair that will become staples of your wardrobe.



Part art gallery and part boutique shopping extravaganza, Cello embraces all things artisan. Contemporary painting, sculpture, and pottery sit alongside locally made furniture pieces that are more art installations than functional household items. Handcrafted jewelry and carefully curated boutique clothing wait to entice you in the design-focused shop.



Seek out a posh outfit for everyday wear at Damselfly. The store curates favorite brands and designers for an eclectic mix of fun and flirty laid-back fashion. Inside the shop, warm brick walls vibe with the natural wood floors for a feel that is completely Bozeman and utterly opulent. This is the place to search out your new favorite jeans and a luxe leather jacket for a casual weekend outfit designed to impress.



Having an ethical streak should never mean sacrificing style. At MaYarising, you can be sure that each item is either vintage or gently used high-end contemporary, locally or artisanally sourced, or environmentally/socially conscious. That means you can spend to your heart’s content, completely guilt free. From mink coats to hippie-chic beaded jewelry, you never know what treasures you’ll find.


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