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Benefits Of Visiting Bozeman In The Winter

Posted by RSVP Hotel BZN on 13 November 18, 8:45 am

As fall winds down, the weather shifts, snow-filled clouds roll in and Bozeman gets bumping. Sure, many people come to visit in summer, so winter is a special secret when it comes to visiting Big Sky Country. Grab your down jacket and some cashmere-lined gloves, and learn why Bozeman is an unbeatable destination in wintertime.


Yellowstone All to Yourself

Remember all those people who flock here in summer? Well, when they leave, Yellowstone gets utterly empty, just the sound of the wind in the trees, snow squeaking underfoot…and the roar of your snowmobile or snowcoach as you cavort through this winter wonderland. In winter, you get to see the stunning wilderness in a way that most people could only imagine.

Tours take you across the snow, making sure you are perfectly safe and comfortable in this savagely stunning environment. And even though the park has seasonal closures—you’re not going to find a five-star dining experience there in the dead of winter—that’s the benefit of staying it Bozeman, where it only gets more lively when snow starts to fall. So make it back to town in the evening for some wine and dine, and maybe even a little dancing thrown in.

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Snow-capped Peaks and Powdered Streets

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to live inside a snow globe? Bozeman is the answer. Mountain views from town are gorgeous no matter the season, but as fall turns to winter, the peaks sport a whimsical white dusting that turns to solid snow as the days go by.

And when the snowline drops to Main Street, things get even more spectacular. The sprinkling of snow transforms quaint storefronts and wide sidewalks into a glittering paradise, perfect for the Insta!


Ski Bunny Living, Hold the Slopes

If you love that powder-hound life, get ready to hit it hard. With world-class skiing just minutes outside of town, Bozeman is a skier’s haven. You have all the amenities when you want them and easy access to the slopes.

But if your leg muscles prefer a vacation too, don’t worry. You can live it up like the pros while you enjoy the fireside and a cocktail or two. Get into some designer sweaters and cozy socks, make sure your hat hits all those snow bunny notes, and relish that luxurious winter living with a little bubbly!


Hot Springs Get Steamy

It goes without saying that hot springs feel even more luscious in the nipping cold air. And what better excuse to strut your stuff in a bikini even as cold weather arrives?

There are countless benefits to going for a soak. Even if you don’t buy into the claims that the minerals in natural hot springs water will cure what ails you and bring eternal youth (wouldn’t that be nice!), you can’t deny that your muscles will thank you for every moment of soaking. So get in there and feel the tension melt away.

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Local Boutiques Make Holidays Hoppin’

Don’t go for drab and boring gifts this season when you could shop local boutiques, get a jolt of designer flair, and find the special something for everyone on your list. Explore the shops of Main Street to find everything from art and jewelry to designer duds and cowboy boots.

The best part are the twinkle lights and shining stars that pop up alongside fir boughs and glitter as the holly jolliest of seasons draws near. Just don’t forget to pick up a little something for yourself, too!


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