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Band Aid: 5 Local Bands and Shows You Don’t Want to Miss

Posted by RSVP Hotel BZN on 12 May 19, 8:00 am

From underground hip-hop to the bluest bluegrass out there, you can find it all in Bozeman. The local music scene has a lot to offer, and it’s not constrained to just one genre. Funky folk and country with an edge come head to head with classical and the coolest modern sound you can find. Here’s just a sampling of our faves—both musicians and festivals you should get excited about right now!


Local Bands You Should Have Heard Of

No indie music shaming here, but we think you’ll love the eclectic selection of local artists in the BZN. If these bands haven’t crossed your radar yet, you’re in for a treat. Connect to the speaker, and stream away!


The Dirty Shame

This outlaw country quintet hails from all around the West, putting The Dirty Shame twist on western twang. And lead singer Brandon Hale’s soon-to-be-open wing restaurant, Brandon’s Wing Co., will bring some of that rugged flavor to a nearby table, too. Only in Bozeman will you find such a tight-knit community between the Main Street dining scene and the stage.


Hawthorne Roots

This sister-led Bozeman rock group (Hawthorne Roots) brings their music to the masses with award-winning performances, and an EP on sale now. Soul harmonics find their happy place in this medley of original tracks.


Band of Drifters

With a modern American roots resonance, Band of Drifters is an active player on the BZN scene. Get your two-step ready to roll. This is the perfect music to dance to under a warm summer evening sky.


RSVP for These Festivals

When you just can’t choose one show at the Rialto, Ellen or beyond (and we don’t blame you—there’s a lot to pick from), check out the musical smorgasbord in festival format. All summer long, you’ll find live outdoor performances on offer. But we’re trying to keep this brief, since your time is valuable, so here are the two local music events you absolutely shouldn’t miss.


Sweet Pea Festival

Sweet Pea is a staple of Bozeman summer. Every August for going on 42 years now, local artists, musicians and other creatives have come together to put on a weekend you’ll love. Picture your bare feet in the cool grass, sporting hippie-chic ensembles and enjoying gourmet food trucks with plenty to nibble and sip. If you don’t know where to start to dig deep into the Bozeman scene, this is the perfect place to begin.


Music on Main

So if you can’t clear your calendar for August, you still have Music on Main to look forward to. Every Thursday from June 27 through August 15, Main Street transforms into a sound stage of awesome, with local bands, eateries, bars and shops serving up the best of Big Sky Country. Several blocks shut down, and downtown becomes one big party for the evening. This is the perfect way to get connected and explore everything Bozeman has to offer.


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