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Amazing Outdoor Art Around Bozeman

Posted by RSVP Hotel BZN on 30 October 18, 8:45 am

The art scene in Bozeman, Montana, is an eclectic mix. You’ll find boujee Main Street galleries where bubbly and cheese plates are a foregone conclusion alongside western-themed installations involving a whole lot of antler, and the more reclaimed barnwood the better. You really can find it all here. Better even than the shops and galleries are the thriving exterior exhibits that give the town so much of its vivid color, putting splashes of spice across the canvas of Bozeman. When blue skies beckon, hit the pavement, and get stoked for some outdoor art inspo to light up your Insta and get those creative juices flowing.


BZN Street Art Scene

Let your feet take you where they may on the streets of downtown Bozeman. Pedal down to the corner of Babcock and Black for a cycling mural that will make you want to hit the trails hard. The north side of Main Street has surprises in store, and the pocket city park at Main and Rouse has hidden scenes you’ll want to hit up.  Don’t just keep your eyes glued to the walls of buildings, either. The city’s traffic boxes—normally just ugly metal boxes along the street for utility access—are a sight worth seeing as well. Wrapped with art and images evoking a wild west and savage spirit, these boxes display scenes ranging from sparring elk to towering mountain vistas and native plant identification.


A Rocking Art Treat

Photo by the Smithsonian Insider.

Inside the Museum of the Rockies waits wonders of tyrannosauric proportions, but outside is worth a stop all on its own. The exterior of MOR is home to a towering dino skeleton that greets patrons as they enter, as well as a mysterious stone boat rising from the museum’s lawn. While more historically intentioned than artistically inclined, the living history farm on the grounds gives a nod to the craftsmanship of days gone by, with an impressive display of historic domesticity to treat your eyes to.


Car Park Perfection

Montana State University doesn’t want you to just park your car and walk on by without a thought. That’s where their inspiration for astonishing parking garage installations came from. With the impetus to put in more Native American exhibitions on the docket for upcoming years, at the moment the structure holds host to installations of sun and vibrance from Columbian street artist Ledania, just a floor away from art by Maria Zumi of Argentina that gives off a more galactic vibe, proving this parking garage public art initiative is out of this world.


Sculptured Strolls

At Lindley Park, butting up against the grounds of the Bozeman Library, accessibility meets outdoor sculpture along a paved path through the fresh Montana air. Eight Montana artists have come together in the endeavor of creating wacky and wonderful displays parkside, with views of the Bridger ridgeline beyond for a little of that rugged mountain ambiance along with your art fix. The best way to take in the sculpture park: grab a coffee to go from Lindley Perk, the local-sourced shop that also houses the library’s benefit used book store. With steaming cup o’ joe in hand, head out to explore your way through the sculpture park.


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