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A Day Trip To Yellowstone National Park In The Winter

Posted by RSVP Hotel BZN on 5 February 19, 7:45 am

You don’t need us to tell you what to do—you know yourself better than anyone. But if you think you should skip a snow-covered trip to Yellowstone National Park, don’t pass up putting it on your bucket list just yet. We get that it can seem daunting to plan the perfect day trip, so we’ve got your back. Choose your own Yellowstone adventure, and get ready to play in the snow!


Breakfast Of Champions

You woke up on the side of the bed that says…

  1. feisty and fiery.
  2. still asleep.
  3. don’t speak to me before coffee.



If you answered a), you don’t need any help getting out of bed in the morning! Head out for an early-morning run, or however you get the blood pumping, and then grab a quick bite from The Farmer’s Daughters, right onsite at the RSVP. It’ll help you save time on the road to adventure.

If you said b), don’t worry. Place your order online the night before, and pick up the next morning when you roll out of bed still in dreamland. And since the Farmer’s Daughters is just across the property, you don’t even have to open your eyes to pick up.

If you went for c), we speak your language, and no need to panic. The espresso machine is already primed at the cafe!


Into The Park

You’re feeling…

  1. up for adrenaline.
  2. all about that tranquil wilderness.
  3. ready for cozy glamour.


If a) is your vibe, we’d recommend a snowmobile tour. The roads in the park are open to permitted over-snow travel all winter, and local outfitters can get you out there. You’ll love the rush of flying fast over the white ground, not to mention the excitement of seeing landmarks that most people only glimpse in summer through crowds of tourists.

If you’re going for b), you’ll want the simple serenity of quiet and calm as you make your way through the wilds of Yellowstone. Take time out to snowshoe or cross country ski, and you’ll amp up the chance of spotting winter wildlife. You can get outfitted with rental equipment in town, or go with a guide to get the VIP experience.

If c) speaks your name, a warm and cozy snowcoach is the way to go. You can tour the park and see sights in winter without having to go quite as crazy with the layers.


Back To Bozeman

Can you say…

  1. wild nights!
  2. classy and sassy, as per usual.
  3. lovin’ that local living.


Hey, girl, hey, a) means a night out on the town back in Bozeman, with plenty of shaking it on the dance floor at Bar IX right after you enjoy a quick taste of gourmet small plates at Barley and Vine.

If you’re in the b) crowd, we’ve got your back. A drink or two at Devil’s Toboggan will get the night going, especially when the handcrafted cocktails go down this easy.  For dinner, Bisl brings the farm to your table, even in the dead of winter, with global-inspired flavor made from Montana ingredients.

For anyone living that c) life, we recommend some brewery or distillery hopping (whether you prefer a tasty craft brew or a locally crafted cocktail is up to you). Sip your way around town until you make it to MAP Brewing, where food, drink, and mountain views meet around the fire to create an ideal dinner spot.


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